All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has asked Boeing if it can take delivery of three 777 jets earlier than planned, to try and compensate for its grounded 787 Dreamliners, reports.

ANA Boeing 777 JA736A
ANA Boeing 777 JA736A – Photo © Jim Batchelder –

Three 777 Aircraft Order

The Japanese carrier placed an order for three 777 aircraft, due to be delivered later in 2013. However, it has asked whether the planes can be finished ahead of schedule to absorb some of the fall-out caused as a result of Dreamliner battery problems.

Boeing is already speeding up production of its Next-Generation 737 in an attempt to manufacture 38 craft per month. By all accounts, these jets will most likely appear on the flight radar before the Dreamliner is back in action.

Fifty Dreamliners have been grounded across France, Japan, and the USA while battery problems are being investigated. These comprised a battery fire in Boston and a battery failure which prompted an emergency landing in Japan.

Forced to Cancel 850 flights

ANA has been forced to cancel some 850 flights, impacting more than 82,000 people, writes. This has reportedly cost the carrier over $15 million (£9.5 million) in lost revenue.

As yet, there has been no indication as to when the Dreamliners might be brought back into service. ANA is, therefore, considering keeping some older Airbus 320 jets in service for longer than initially planned, in addition to the request to Boeing.

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