Boeing has claimed it is “on the right trajectory” to catch up with Airbus’ dominant position in the short-haul aircraft market, reports.

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The ambitious statement – made by Boeing’s vice president of commercial unit marketing, Randy Tinseth – comes as the company strikes new deals with American Airlines and Dallas-based carrier Southwest for its 737 MAX aircraft.

Tinseth suggested that the momentum is with the company now, as it attempts to achieve “parity” with Airbus. However, while Boeing has secured 597 firm orders for its 737 MAX, Airbus would appear to still be running away in this market, having received 1,289 orders for the A320neo to date.

While only those with live flight tracking applications can truly say who is currently winning the war of the skies, it is becoming apparent that the “duopoly” between Boeing and Airbus cannot last forever.

Emerging players such as the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) look set to shake the marketplace up significantly, for example. It is understood the Far East company is considering building a 200-seater rival to the 737 and A320 – possibly with the help of low-cost carrier Ryanair.

“We think the duopoly between Airbus and Boeing will be over,” mused Tinseth, cites

“But the question is, will they be successful? We think those guys will be later rather than sooner but the market will tell. We have to make our plans assuming that they will be successful.”

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