Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) has this week set a new speed record for a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand.

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)

Business Jet 737-700
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One of the company’s very exclusive private jets (a modified 737-700) made the 5,658-nautical mile (10,479 km) trip in just 13 hours, 7 minutes and 54 seconds, reports.

The speed of this record-setting trip was confirmed by Washington D.C.’s National Aeronautic Association, which monitored the Samsung Electronics-owned craft via its flight tracking systems.

According to BBJ president captain Steve Taylor, the craft landed with 7,800 pounds of fuel remaining when it touched down on Sunday evening. “When we left Los Angeles with full fuel, we were 21,000 pounds below our Maximum Takeoff Weight,” he said on

“This means that the customer can add a full VIP interior, fill all the seats and still carry full fuel and have remarkable range – something our competitor with the same class business jet simply cannot do non-stop.”

Flown to New Zealand

The BBJ craft was flown to New Zealand to have its luxury interiors fitted by Auckland-based Altitude Aerospace Interiors, therefore the craft was flown in its native (green) unpainted colours.

The interior work will take somewhere between nine months to a year to complete before it is ready for private passengers.

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