Boeing is scratching its head over claims its dimmable 787 Dreamliner windows aren’t dark enough for Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA).

Boeing 787

ANA has argued that its customers are unlikely to get a good night’s sleep when travelling on long-haul flights as a direct result of the revolutionary windows, which darken but never go opaque.

Boeing 787
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“For our passengers to have good sleep, we realised that it is important to offer appropriate darkness during flights especially for long haul,” company spokesman Ryosei Nomura said, according to


ANA has ordered a very respectable number of 787s from the company (55), making it crucial that Boeing addresses the situation. The Dreamliners will act as the carrier’s flagship aircraft, replacing its ageing fleet of 767s.

Boeing, which holds over 90 percent of the market share for aircraft in Japan, was uneasy about commenting on the topic; preferring to state that there has been a good response to the windows from most customers.

“The response of our customers and the flying public to the larger, dimmable windows on the 787 has been very favourable,” Boeing spokesman Rob Henderson said.

Like the majority of other 787 clients, ANA is likely interested in the aircraft’s modern sensibilities. From flight radar to fuel efficiency, many carriers are banking on the 787 being a winning aircraft.

Over 850 orders have been placed for the aircraft, which boasts higher cabin pressures and humidity levels as well as better fuel efficiency, making it more comfortable for passengers. It is also cheaper for airlines to run.

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