Welcome to another AvGeek Roundup.

We start our roundup with the shocking aviation disaster in Colombia – a crash that poses a lot of questions about decisions made.

This week we also question the sanity of one passenger who couldn’t wait to leave her plane, learn some heli-science and get some answers about the toll booths in our skies.

[REAL ATC] Lamia Avro RJ85 CRASH near Medellin, Colombia

The pilot’s decision not to refuel on route was a huge risk.

This ATC audio speaks for itself.

Our thoughts are of course with the families and friends of all those that needlessly lost their lives.

Woman Opens Emergency Exit and Jumps Out of Plane


You couldn’t make this stuff up!!

Woman Opens Emergency Exit

Confused Air Traffic Control Trainee Nearly Crashed Planes


Here at AvGeek towers we are not so sure that this trainee was ready for this stage of his training!

Air Traffic Control Trainee Nearly Crashed Planes

FAA Orders Boeing 787 Safety Fix: Reboot Power Once in a While


We all know that most computers will crash if not rebooted every now and again.

It seems that the Dreamliner is no different!

FAA Orders Boeing 787 Safety Fix

The Helicopter Speed Limit

Ever wondered why helicopters can’t go supersonic – and don’t know the answer?

Well people – this is just the video for you!

Red Arrows Complete ‘Best of British’ World Tour – BBC News


We’re delighted to see that people across the world recently got to witness the brilliance and wonder of the Red Arrows display team for the first time.

Red Arrows Complete 'Best of British' World Tour

FLYBY – 2016 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Here at AvGeek we do love an F1 flyby – and this is one of the best!


Here’s How the Missile-free Royal Navy can Sink Enemy Ships After 2018


The Register having a bit of a dig at the UK’s military planners here!

Might not be the best solution but they do make their point quite well!

Missile-free Royal Navy


Emirates Launches the World’s Shortest A380 Route, the 379km, 80 Minute DXB-DOH Hop.


Probably not what Airbus had in mind as a target market for the A380!

Sounds like a fun flight to us!

Emirates Launches the World's Shortest A380 Route

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