This week we get off the plane and take our bicycles for a Grand Tour around the world – including a pedal power tour of the jungle and a productive bike ride in Brisbane!

We’re excitedly looking forward to catching up with Santa next weekend too as we find out about his cunning use of some non-furry flying machines in Alaska. Great idea Santa! It’s sure to help with those all important logistics!

As the jingle of bells gets louder why not get inspired by our Blast from the Past and have a Christmas sing song – we’ve tried it. Hmm – why are we all alone here now?

Anchorage airport swarms with presents, jumbo jets as holidays near

A great place for an AvGeek to do some “heavy” spotting up in Alaska!

Anchorage airport

Spend the night in an airplane 50 feet above the Costa Rican jungle

A great place to imagine that you have crash landed in a jungle (everyone is fine!) and you just happen to have a little more comfort and food than would normally be expected!

We’d love to try out the canopy 🚲 too, sounds great!

Costa Rican jungle

Can jet engines clean up Delhi’s foul air?


We really can’t wait to see these in real life!

jet engines clean up Delhi's foul air

Amazon Prime Air

Richard, you have just made history and don’t realise it!

We hope that you enjoy watching The Grand Tour on your Fire TV Stick! We do!

Amazon Prime Air

Woman dragged off Delta flight by police after reportedly failing to check in at gate

Errr… we recommend that you do check in!

failing to check in at gate

🔋⚡📱🚲 Our Watt Bikes are finally here! Pedal power your phone back to 100%

Want to charge your phone? Well fear not, they have chargers at Brisbane airport.

Just keep peddling!

Watt Bikes at Airport

Qantas to fly from London to Australia non-stop

17 hours non stop! That is a long time to be sitting down but we are glad it’s the 787!

London to Australia non-stop


Vintage air travel photographs

Anyone for a Christmas sing song?

Christmas on a plane


Porsche vs Airbus @ Oslo Airport

Ok so this is a LONG range shot but you can make out the car. But we’re not entirely sure it’s a Porsche!

Porsche vs Airbus

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