We hope you enjoyed all that turkey and had safe travels!

We sure did – maybe a little too much as we land this edition a little behind schedule!

Turkey’s Dream of Becoming the Epicentre of Global Aviation Looks Shaky


Such a shame, it would be good to have an alternative to the new major hubs in the Middle East.

new major hubs in the Middle East

Danish Air Force Landing on a Ship


This always amazes us, even more so in conditions like this!

Danish Air Force Landing

Which Flight Will Get You There Fastest?


This tool a year old now gives you a guide to the fastest flights in the Thanksgiving period!

Which Flight Will Get You There Fastest

Teenage Would-be Pilot Charged over Hoax Cockpit Calls was Sacked by Virgin


Hey kids, don’t go playing with that airband radio you have!

hoax cockpit calls was sacked by Virgin

BA Boss Shocked to Find Out that Third Heathrow Runway will Raze his HQ


If you’ve ever seen this building you will agree it is quite nice!

Certainly better than a third runway at least!

Third Heathrow Runway

The Five Freedoms of Aviation

We bet you never realised all this was going on when you are on a plane!

Helps you understand one of the extra costs an airline has to pay and what makes up your ticket price.

Packed Holiday Jet Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Manchester after Passenger Blocks Every Toilet on Board with ‘Something Solid’


Every toilet? Really?

Passenger Blocks Every Toilet


1959-1969 The Jet Age


Such a glamorous era.

How long will you spend browsing this site?

1959-1969 The Jet Age


Flight Instruments Quiz


Another quiz, another test of your AvGeekery

Flight Instruments Quiz

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