As a major hurricane strikes the Caribbean and US we take to the skies with those that head into the storm so that others can head in the opposite direction.

We also get to see another sadly deceased angry bird, find out a couple of ways to get some quality sleep on a plane and spot one of our favourite superheroes in London!

Feel queasy after all that – have no fear – In the Jet Stream might help!

What it’s like to Fly an Airplane Directly Through a Hurricane like Matthew

As we type this Hurricane Matthew is hitting the US East Coast after killing hundreds in Haiti.

As always massive AvGeek respect to the brave men and women who gather the vital information that helps prevent even greater loss of life.

Hurricane Matthew

Pilot Lands with Dead Bird embedded in Plane’s Nose after Mid-Air Collision

Hmm – didn’t we do this a few weeks ago!

Is someone playing a real live version of Angry Birds out there?

Bird Flight Crash

Emergency Landing after Worker Accidentally Locked in Cargo Hold

We think it will be warmer inside!

Unless of course, those pets are polar bears!

Emergency Landing Plane

Why Lightning Strikes Don’t Harm the Planes We Fly In

WOW! One strike is equivalent to a quarter-of-a-tonne of TNT!!

Makes our hair stand on end just to think about that!

Lightening Hits Plane

The Great Migration

It isn’t just people that are getting out of the way of Hurricane Matthew.

This Plane Finder screenshot shows aircraft from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University heading to safety.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University heading to safety

Inside the Dreamliner that’s been Converted into a Private Jet

Sweet dreams in this $324 million bedroom!

Dreamliner to Private Jet

Jetpack Pilot in Flight Across the Thames

Iron Man seen over London…

Jetpack Pilot


The History of the Hurricane Hunters

We figured that this was a good week to look back at the history of those hurricane hunters.

They get to take some pretty cool photos too!

Hurricane Hunters


Where to Sit on a plane to Prevent Motion Sickness

Might not work through a hurricane but if you are a queasy flyer this could help the row in front stay out of the Jet Stream!

Prevent Motion Sickness on Plane

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