Hello, fellow AvGeeks. We start our weekly roundup with a family photo courtesy of Airbus before heading over to LA to find out that family photos are sadly a thing of the past for many aviation workers!

In a busy week, we also took a trip to Switzerland for a short lake hopping flight, saw the end of some very nice flying machines and watched one chap nearly get wiped out on a runway.

In Blast from the Past, we look back at a time when the in-flight meal came with an additional side!

A Family that Flies Together

Airbus must feel really proud to have such a wide variety of aircraft.

The size difference between the smallest and largest is huge when you see them side by side!

The World’s New Shortest International Flight is 13 Miles


It will probably take longer to go through security, customs, passport control and all the taxiing!

Would walking be faster?

Shortest International Flight


Video of Live Fire Tests of the Russian T-50 Stealth Fighter


Not sure how stealthy it is when that is firing!

Russian T-50 Stealth Fighter

Gigantic RC Jet Disintegrates After Stabilizer Breaks Off Midair


You can see the devastation on the guys face when it breaks up.

Still, it was an impressive RC aircraft and we hope he builds another!

Gigantic RC Jet

Apache Crash – Expensive!

These aircraft are not cheap!

Long Term Parking


You really don’t expect this to be happening at all. A real sad tale of those that help us and we probably don’t realise it!

Airport Workers Parking


Smoking on an Airliner

You can’t smoke on an airliner these days let alone be provided with some smokes with your dinner!


Formula 1 Race #1 ‘Hot Stuff’ Accident

So lucky! Lucky to only have a hand injury!

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