After another busy week it’s time to put on our fancy new sneakers, whistle for our loyal suitcase and leave our phone behind as we head to the “Horn”, get up close to some Mig-29’s and dust off the drone for some spectacular flights over Britain.

In other news we also hear from someone making an awful lot of noise about noise – we sure hope that he hasn’t seen those amazing airportraits!


Shows the diversity of airlines and aircraft at airports around the world.

A stunning piece of editing.

airlines and aircraft at airports

The Horn

Some amazing rescues shown in this new series from Red Bull at the Matterhorn!

Red Bull Horn

A Single Caller made 3,500 DIA Noise Complaints Last Year

Not sure that 76% of all complaints by one person should shape an airports noise policy!

3,500 DIA Noise Complaints
(Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

These 9 Snaps of Britain from the Skies were Taken by Drone

See, you can use a drone, stay within the rules and take some amazing shots!

9 Snaps of Britain from the Skies

Virgin America Created Sneakers That Recreate the Experience of Flying First Class

Not quite sure we believe the claims but we’d be more than happy to sample the sneakers (trainers) or the first class flights!

Flying First Class

Lufthansa A380 Escorted by Bulgarian Air Force fighter jets

Most times if you saw these flying outside you would be a little concerned! Not this time though!

It is now a Federal Crime to Bring a Galaxy Note 7 onto an Airplane

After some of the fires we’ve seen we wouldn’t like you to take one on board either!

Galaxy Note 7


80 years of Gatwick Airport

With all this talk of new London airports we look back at the often overlooked Gatwick Airport.

It is the worlds busiest single runway airport! Perhaps this should get the expansion?

80 years of Gatwick Airport


This Suitcase will Follow You Home like a Puppy

Or ride on!


Robot Flight case

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