Greetings fellow AvGeeks.

What a chaotic week that was! Clearly inspired by the Christmas Star Wars spinoff we have machines, drunks and animals all running amok!

It’s a good job we finish in Dubai for a timely reminder of the beauty of flying!

Flight Simulator Sets Fire to Airport

Flight Simulator Sets Fire to Airport

B-52 Lands Fine After Engine Falls Off in the Middle of a Goddamn Flight


Baggage Handler Trapped in Cargo Hold During flight

Baggage Handler Trapped

Feline ‘Faux Paw’: Cat Delays El Al Flight


LG made a Couple of Robots just for Airports

Police Say Pilot on Canadian Airline Found Passed out Drunk

Shocking CCTV Footage shows ‘Drunk’ Pilot Stumbling through Security before Being Fired when he ‘tried to fly a plane with 154 passengers on board’


Crackpot Kim Jong-un Plots to Rebrand North Korea as a Tourist Hot-Spot with a 2017 Calendar Packed with Leggy Flight Attendants

Crackpot Kim Jong-un Plots


Jetman Dubai and the Breitling Wingwalkers

Jetman Dubai

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