Last week sure was a speedy one! We saw Boeing racing to build their most popular aircraft in just 9 days! We then watched an aircraft racing against something that stays firmly on the ground! 🏎

Things slowed down a little as we took a look at what it takes to run an airport (hint: a lot!) and caught up with a few of the pilots, of varying ages, that are trusted with our lives!

We finish it off with a blast from the future taking a look at 🇰🇵.

Loading Brussels Airport Statistics

A clever and fun video.

You don’t really think that these are like mini cities!

How Boeing Builds a 737 in Just 9 Days

9 Days!! It takes us longer than that just to make a few home improvements

Boeing 737

Marks and Spencer | British Airways

Ok, we are not quite sure what this is about! A non budget airline charging for food?

But tell you what…it does look nice!

British Airways Charges

Inquiry says MH17 Shot Down by Missile Brought into Ukraine from Russia

Still, so many unanswered questions but at least investigators are really making good headway into this investigation.

MH17 Shot Down

Meet the 26-year-old Airline Captain and Her 19-Year-Old Co-Pilot

Totally fantastic story!

The sky’s the limit!

Young Airline Pilot

New Aircraft Technology Could Transform These 2 Airlines

It’s amazing how such little changes (well they look little) made to an aircraft can drastically change its role!

Aircraft Technology

 ‘I got everyone home today’: How Real-Life Pilots feel with our lives in their hands

Such a great read and why we trust these pilots to get us down safely. One way or another!

Real-Life Pilots


Wonsan Air Festival Highlights

Maybe a little cruel to put in this section but some of these aircraft really are a blast from the past!


Alex Rossi’s IndyCar vs. Kirby Chambliss’ Edge 540 Plane

To make it fair I will fly upside down.

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