Happy Friday AvGeeks. In this edition, we bring you a bumper three stories on the US presidential runaround that has been making the news all week.

We also find out what happens when we blindfold a pilot, learn all about aviation weather and find out what United are doing to relieve the stress of the overhead locker bunfight.

After all of that, we calm down and get ready to BOARd in San Francisco with the help of our new porky friend.

Could You Survive with NO PILOT???

Blindfold the man and give him the controls. What could go wrong?

What it’s like to fly on Air Force One


If anyone can get us a mini Tabasco sauce bottle with the presidential seal on we’d be most appreciative.

Air Force One

United Airlines Will Start Charging for Use of Overhead Bins


We actually think this is a good idea! How many times have you checked in your own luggage to be hit on the head by some idiot trying to but their huge case in the overhead bin? 😡

Overhead Bins on Flights

Ukrainian aircraft maker Antonov tweets Air Force One offer


Hey Don! Why not use a HUGE Ukrainian aircraft?

tweets Air Force One offer

The co-founder of Skype has backed a mini plane company with a €10 million round


We do love the futuristic technology ideas here!

mini plane company

Weather & Aviation

Bad weather and aviation – never the best of combos as we all know!

Great video explaining all the weather related things and aviation!

Making of a hero


Hands up if you’ve seen the Sully movie?

Well if you have then read this great interview with Clint Eastwood.



Air Force One – a short history of the flying Oval Office


Maybe if the 747-8 AF1 is scrapped they could go back to some of these old ways?

flying Oval Office


San Francisco airport introduces first ‘therapy pig’


Having flown from SFO many a time we think that anything to make this airport better is a great thing. Including pigs! 🐷

therapy pig

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