Time to lift the wheels on a bumper AvGeek edition as we learn about a couple of ways to prevent sharing germs on a plane, take time out to fly a kite, enjoy/fall asleep to* a great movie, step into an almighty planning argument in England – and much more besides!

If all that is too much then why not head over to Wales for a well earned AvGeek vacation!

*delete as appropriate

Airplanes Aren’t As Gross As You Think


AvGeek respect to the hard working HEPA filters that we didn’t even know were there.

We’re still gonna tut and scowl at anyone that dares to step on board our plane with any kind of sniffle!

Airplane HEPA filters

Computing & Air Traffic Control

A wonderful insight into the evolution of the computerisation of air traffic control.

We’ve sure come a long way from when “planes would just take off”!

Kite Power to Take Flight in Scotland Next Year


Wowzers – this idea looks so crazy that it might just work.

Oh wait – more like a 90% chance that it won’t!

Flight Kite Plan

Get an Empty Seat Next to You On Your Flight With This Airline App Trick


Don’t trust the HEPA filters – then we have a cunning plan!

Tips for booking your flight seats

Heathrow, Gatwick, and Birmingham Set to Get Go Ahead


Typical – Brits wait in line 50 years for a runway and then three come along at once!

We’re not going to hold our contrail like breath just yet though!

New Runway at Gatwick, Birmingham and Heathrow

Man Creates Map of Airport Wi-Fi Passwords From Around the World


At the airport and want some free WiFi? This AvGeek has just the answers you need.

Airport Wifi Passwords

The Aviation Defense by Katrine Pierson!!!


These Donald claims and counter-claims are everywhere!

Trump Aviation News

Pride and Prejudice?


Hmm – is this just a ruse to trick us uneducated AvGeeks?

Pride and Prejudice


Grounded: The Chequered History of UK Airport Expansion


Think that the UK’s inability to build a runway is something new?

Nope – been circling on hold for decades it seems!

History of UK Airport Expansion


The Jet Star (Private Jet)


There aren’t too many aircraft with an outside kitchen that we would recommend. But this is one of them!

In fact, it is all of them!

The Jet Star Aircraft

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