Welcome to another AvGeek roundup. This week we take a break from planning our Movember Mo to take the controls in North Korea, jump on board a helicopter to watch cars fly and see a Trump plane rip up an airport.

Dedicated AvGeeks that we are – we also take time out to read about our favourite hobby before booking a well-earned heli-vacation.

We end the week by having some fun with two movie heavyweights on the flight deck of American 809!

Handlebar moustaches are out: Qantas pilots fume over stricter uniform standards


Qantas setting out to spoil their pilots Movember fun!

Qantas pilots fume

Flying less-UN! North Korean leader shows off his skills as a pilot


The Supreme One gets a helping hand!

North Korean

Rejoice, For The United States Grand Prix Helicopter Pilot Is Still Insane


We certainly would not be looking at the track with this pilot at the controls!

United States Grand Prix Helicopter Pilot

British Airways accidentally recommends Facebook followers to fly with Virgin Atlantic


Oops! We wonder if they took up the offer of the free flight!

fly with Virgin Atlantic

Eyes Aloft


If you feel like taking a 27 minute break from Plane Spotting read on…

Plane Spotting

Chocks away: Google founder’s prototype means flying cars could really take off


Combine this with driverless tech and we might be on to something!

We’re not sure whether that something is a good thing though!

Google founder’s prototype

Mike Pence’s plane slides off runway at LaGuardia airport in New York


Someone putting the skids under the Trump machine! Surely not!

PS – Who knew that crushable concrete was a thing?

Mike Pence's plane

Converted Sea King helicopter is the height of luxury for glampers


Enjoyed your recent private aircraft vacation in Wales?

Wonder how you can top that?

Wonder no more….

Sea King helicopter


Pictures from Heathrow, Concorde’s last flights, 24th October 2003


With London Heathrow in the news this week we look back 13 years to the final commercial Concorde flights.

Will the proposed third runway ever see such a wonderful sight?

Concorde's last flights


Cockpit – SNL

A wonderful Saturday Night Live sketch with two great actors.

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