Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays fellow AvGeeks.

This week we start and finish our weekly roundup with some cool Santa stories. Ho ho ho

Santa’s New Ride?

The big fella has been getting some ideas from Amazon it seems!

Pilot ‘congratulates passengers’ for drinking all of the alcohol on board

AvGeek respect to the Raider Nation!

drinking all of the alcohol on board

Drop poop, pay Rs 50,000: NGT tells airlines

We keep on hearing of stories like this in India.

Who’d have thought they would need a 24 hour helpline to help combat this!

Airline Toilet truths

Treasure trove discovered in old Boeing wind tunnel

A wind tunnel full of tin cans! We thought that a wind tunnel wouldn’t be full of anything – except maybe wind!

old Boeing wind tunnel

MH370 hunters call for new search of extra 25,000km2

Sadly the search for answers is getting even harder.

MH370 hunters

Panic on plane as man speaks Arabic

A sad sign of the times it seems – although the headline for this story may be a little misleading if other reports are to be believed.

Plane Panic


British Airways jet that caught fire before takeoff at McCarran to fly again

Remember this?

Well it turns out it will be taking off soon for repairs.

The parking bill at McCarran isn’t cheap either at $31,000!!!!

British Airways jet on fire


Santa Tracking

Look out for Santa dodging air traffic in the Plane Finder apps on Christmas Eve!

He sure knows how to use the Jet Stream!

Santa Tracking

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