Welcome to another AvGeek delivered directly to your desktop. Sadly, we begin with some of our feathered friends that won’t be making any more deliveries.

In a busy week, we also check out a couple of great plane videos, have some ATC fun but also see what can happen when an ATC professional makes an error.

In the JetStream this week, we bring the amazing news that supersonic travel might not just be featured in Blast from the Past after all!!

London-bound Plane makes Emergency Landing after Hitting ’50 Storks’ on Take-off


Yuk! Stork juice everywhere in this scary incident.

No Baby Boom here!


Chicago O’Hare Welcomes Automated Screening Lanes to Improve Security Experience


An outbreak of common sense appears to have occurred in Chicago this week!

Happy Days!


Watch Singapore’s F-15SGs Take Off and Land on a Public Road During South East Asia’s Only Road Runway Exercise


Wow! We sure are jealous of the photographers at the side of this road!


Two Hurt After Plane Takes Evasive Manoeuvres To Avoid Hitting Drone


Grrr – Not good.

Here at AvGeek we really dislike these irresponsible drone operators. Fortunately, the two crew members were not seriously hurt.


The Trump Plane and Air Traffic Control Joke Together! “Make ATC Great Again!”

ATC having some Trump fun! They were right about it hitting the internet too!

A Delta PILOT with RADIO TROUBLES at Atlanta!

More stories of pilots dressing up. A spacesuit this time!

MoncksCorner Accident

Here at AvGeek we regularly praise the great work of ATC operators.

When they make a mistake the consequences can be catastrophic – this collision resulted in the death of both occupants of the Cessna.

Antonov An-225 Landing in Keflavik after Flight from Leipzig

A great video from these AvGeeks “working” in Keflavik.


JetBlue Officially Introduces its “1960’s Retrojet”


We love a livery here at AvGeek and this blend of the past and present from JetBlue is right up there with the best we think.



Richard Branson-backed Mini-Concorde that can Fly London to New York in 3.5 Hours


Oh wait – there is a Baby Boom after all.

Please, Sir Richard. Please please make this happen!


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