On Wednesday start-up airline Surf Air launched their new All-You-Can-Fly service with an inaugural flight between Burbank and San Carlos.

Operating more like a members club than an airline Surf Air hopes to win the business of frequent fliers and drivers spending too much time in their cars.

Members pay a $500 one-time initiation fee and the $1,650 per month.

For this they can fly as often as they want with no lines, no waiting (arrive just 15 minutes before departure) and a 30 second booking time!

Surf Air operates the Pilates PC-12 aircraft with a BMW-designed interior and comfy leather seats for 6 people.

The start-up airline has initially started flying between San Carlos airport in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Burbank airport in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

The airline will add Santa Barbara airport as the third destination on July 10. Surf Air intends to open further routes including Monterey, Palm Springs, San Diego, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and the Sonoma/ Napa plus other markets across the US.

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