Live flight tracking enthusiasts could catch a glimpse of a rather unusual fuselage design this fall – the world’s largest king salmon.

Alaska Airlines debuted the 129-foot long fish, destined to be sprawled across a Boeing 737-800, at a launch event in Anchorage yesterday (May 14th).

It is the company’s second-ever ‘flying fish’ to grace the skies, following a slightly shorter design that formerly graced its 737-400 aircraft, explains

The new-and-improved version however, improves on the last; adding an extra nine feet of fish and featuring more detailed scaling. Flashes of a salmon-pink coloured ‘Alaska’ script will be seen across the fuselage, too.

The new design – the Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II – was designed with an aim to promote Alaskan seafood and the airlines’ role in getting it to market, says

Last year, the airline flew nearly 25 million pounds of seafood from Alaska to consumers in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“Alaska Airlines has a long history of supporting the Alaska seafood industry, and this special plane celebrates that commitment,” said Ray Riutta, executive director of the partnering Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. “We’re proud to partner with the state’s hometown airline.”

Marilyn Romano, Alaska Airlines’ regional vice president of the state of Alaska, added: “This 91,000-pound king will boldly promote the world’s finest seafood from the Hawaiian Islands to Boston and beyond.”

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