Airlines have been warned about a potential manufacturing fault within the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

According to, the new plane features a poorly-manufactured fuel line, which could potentially lead to engine shut-downs or even a fire.

Upon discovering these faults, the U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered flight crews to carry out extra inspections of the plane’s fuel systems.

The problem came to light on Tuesday (December 4th) after a United Airlines Dreamliner journey from Houston to Newark was forced to make an emergency landing in New Orleans. The plane made a safe landing with the help of air traffic radar technology and no-one was injured.

United Airlines 787 Dreamliner
United Airlines 787 Dreamliner – Tail Number N20904

Nevertheless, an FAA spokesperson has claimed that the issue could have caused a lot more danger.

Speaking to, they said: “These conditions, if not corrected, could result in fuel leaks, which could lead to fuel exhaustion, engine power loss or shut-down, or leaks on hot engine parts that could lead to a fire.”

A spokesperson from United Airlines, the only U.S airline using the new plane, has attempted to play down news of the failure. “We’re seeing headaches, not heart attacks,” they said.

Nevertheless, the FAA order remains an embarrassment for Boeing, which is selling the planes for roughly £150 million pounds each.

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