Pinkfroot are delighted to bring you the first aviation chart backgrounds for ADS-B flight tracking!

FAA Visual Flight Rules Charts

Stunning FAA Visual Flight Rules charts are now available for your Plane Finder app!

FAA Flight Tracking

FAA Charts

Plane Finder Flight Tracker

Chart backgrounds work just like the normal maps. You can easily switch between the chart view and the iOS Maps.

Each FAA VFR 1:500,000 chart background includes

Aeronautical, topographical and obstruction symbols (such as radio and television masts)
Radio Frequencies
NDB, Waypoints and VOR Beacons
Airports and Aerodromes
A detailed key of symbols and annotations used
No fly zones
Lots more!

FAA Visual Flight Charts cover all US States.
Please note –  Plane Finder chart data is not suitable for navigation.

FAA Charts are available as an in-app purchase to Plane Finder apps for iOS.

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