About Plane Finder

A leader and trusted source of precision live flight tracking data to industries around the world with customised products for aviation, business intelligence and emerging markets alongside world class apps.

Our mission

To offer simple, innovative, highly accurate and reliable flight tracking solutions.

Our history

Plane Finder launched in 2009 as
the first mobile live flight tracker

The founders already had a wealth of technical expertise as well as a passion for all things aviation and set out to offer something ground breaking – the ability to track planes in real time, on a map, using an iPhone. That first app started an exciting journey to become the Plane Finder you see today.

  • Supplier of precision live flight tracking data to industry
  • Our own global live tracking network
  • Millions of Plane Finder users around the world
  • World class mobile apps

Trusted data

Global live tracking network

To deliver the best solutions it is critical that we manage our own tracking data end to end. That’s why we’ve always invested heavily in our Plane Finder global receiver network, client software and our datacentre infrastructure.

Global receiver network

We collect and process our own live flight data

Complex algorithm checks

Rigorous checks are carried out using our proven technology

Trusted global data

Providing users with a true picture of air traffic around the world

Customised products

Our data enables better decision making

Live and historical flight data can be invaluable to a wide range of industries from aviation to financial, asset management and insurance. We have seen how our data can be used for powerful analysis, to enable better decision making and to identify new trends.

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World class apps

We are at the forefront of app
development and innovation

Our Plane Finder apps are regularly featured by Apple and have been top ranking worldwide since 2009. Recently we have been recognised for our implementation of Dark Mode and Apple Watch technology and awarded App of the Day in 150+ countries.

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